To date, Healing Hearts Northwest has raised $250,000 from local fundraising events. All funds raised are used to purchase supplies and equipment for our medical mission to Rwanda. When possible, supplies have been purchased in Rwanda.  Team members, from their own resources to make these trips possible, have spent an additional $400,000.00.  In order to continue to provide the services requested by the Rwandan community, we have begun a national campaign to raise the funds.


What your donations will go to:

  • $25.00         One stethoscope for a Rwandan Nurse
  • $50.00         One blood pressure cuff for a Rwandan Nurse
  • $75.00          Supplies for 1 Rwandan nurse to care for their patient
  • $100.00       Taxi ride to get 1 patient to and home from the hospital
  • $200.00       Cost of Warafin for one patient, for one year – blood thinner for patients receiving mechanical valves
  • $300.00       INR test strips, (checks the thicknew of blood), one year supply
  • $500.00       Cost of medication for one patient during their hospital stay
  • $1,000.00    Cost of shipping valves, surgical packs for one patient
  • $2,000.00    Cost of the flight for one the for a nurse
  • $2500.00     Cost of one ISTAT machine given to a patient to insure their blood is thin
  • $5000.00     Cost of one heart valve
  • $16,000.00  Cost to ship all of our supplies to Kigali, Rwanda

To send in donations please make checks out to:

Healing Hearts Northwest

And mail to:

Healing Hearts Northwest
Post Office Box 31533
Spokane, Washington 99223
Healing Hearts Northwest is a 501(c)(3) organization.
Contributions are tax deductible in accordance with IRS rules and regulations.

For more information please contact:

Hal Goldberg, M.D.