• Rwandan Art Benefits HHNW: Oct. 6, Seattle

    The art of two Rwandan artists and brothers - Emmanuel Nkuranga and Innocent Nkurunziza - will be on exhibit during the Oct. 6 First Thursday ArtWalk in Seattle's Pioneer Square. Sales of artwork from their gallery will benefit the life-saving work of Healing Hearts.
  • Rwandan Time - a Spokesman-Review feature by Rajah Bose

    Clomany opened his shirt to allow the doctors to listen, then taking the stethoscope from one of them, he pressed it to his own chest. He was special from the moment Dr. Hal Goldberg began to review his case at Providence Spokane Heart Institute. He’d watched the irate rhythm of Clomany's heart that had been recorded on an echocardiogram and projected onto the wall. A team of doctors hypothesized how to best solve the puzzle. Two months later, they would save the child's life.