Patient Stories


The why you go to…… is much more interesting than the how did it go. The why, answered with a visit by Josee, on day 2 of our stay. Josee walked into the ICU at about 5 pm, sun is barely still up, sunrise and sunset 6am and 6pm at


I was thrilled to see Joyeuse, she looks wonderful!  Yesterday, I was remembering how I spent Valentine’s Day last year and it was with Joyeuse. It was the scariest night of my career, really.  When the operating team brought her back to the ICU and gave me that grim report,


I will explain to the people about my life after surgery. Many people ask many questions about surgery because they think it is not possible to do open heart surgery in Rwanda. Now I am feeling and doing good. To study for me before surgery is very difficult, because every